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Alternative universal design of a city

Architected in Singapore Jurong

We are creating the center piece Lounge which is inspired by Japanese Nou Butai which is to framing the people who’s having a moment in a lounge.

A variety of people and cultures like a crucible are crowded together in the narrow land of an urban nation. That is one of the attractions of the country.


What do Singapore's “tradition” and “ethnicity” mean?

Singapore is a multi-ethnic nation with a relatively short history.A variety of people and cultures crucible like a crucible in the narrow land of an urban nation, that is one of the attractions of the country.

スクリーンショット 2020-07-11 21.21.26.png

In Japanese architecture, space can be made by columns. Before the building is constructed, y still make this barrier called Himorogi with 4 columns and put a symbol inside to gather gods.

And the Nou-Butai is referring the Japanese sense of Cosmology similar to Himorogi, calling the gods around the stage and have a ceremonial drama within it.

For the columns, Artists will emphasize the barrier to close to the atmosphere of inside to be sublime and exterior to be more symbolic having a mixture culture of all Japanese and Pernakan.

Nou Butai has “Kagamiita” is the yorishiro (依り代) in Shinto terminology is an object capable of attracting spirits called kami, thus giving them a physical space to occupy.

For this Butai, the actual back sheet will be transparent glass and framing, Workshop at the back.Artitsts will seek what is it for her  that is a thing where Kami would use as a Yorkshiro. 

“Aun(阿吽)” of the space expressing Digital and Analog comparison while they are both the symbol of artifacts and art of human being.



Towa Takaya

Tatsu Hirayama


Takuto Ohta

Tobia Silvotti

Hatsumi Hasegawa

Aya Wakino

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